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Share your Experiences!


Share your treasured moments with us; We like to know!

I wanted to invite all our previous customers to share their experiences of their visit to KaBeeLo Lodge. Tell us what you thought and what made your experience so special and memorable. This could be anything like the fish that got away, special place you found in the wilderness, moments with your families etc….There is a special gift waiting for someone with the best story.


2 thoughts on “Share your Experiences!

  1. Friends of KaBeeLo: as you surf our website please note all of the new changes that have been made. Go to the Home Page and “click” on any of the lakes pages & look at pictures, read guest comments or review what is available on the other topics. Or, go to the navigation bar at the top of the Home Page and “click” on 4 Wheelin’ or the Hunt Packages and see what we have added for 2011. We are working to make this website easy to navigate, informative and packed with current news. THANKS for joining us.

  2. Coming soon: we will be adding a copy of the “menu” of foods that we send out with each of our guests. In providing this information it is our hope our guests can identify what foods/beverages they can bring to supplement our generous offerings (e.g., snacks, spices, shorelunch mix, etc.).

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