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Start - or end - of a trip?


There are some who boldly ask this question, some who keep it muted, and others who come up with their own lavish fantasies of what they think, wish or hope lodge owners do in the “off-season”.  First thing to clarify is there’s no such thing as the “off-season” for Lodge owners, we prefer to call it the “low-season”…

So far the days have been spent:

  • re-acclimating to large populations
  • figuring out how to use our smart phones
  • listening to the chaotic world news – which only confirms the allure of the Lodge and why we head north to seek serenity
  • sipping mai tais on the back deck

Some would say the above sounds like fun & games – well here’s the work:

  • reviewing all the great guest comments collected in each outpost’s logbook, and diligently entering them on our website
  • researching business improvements for next year
  • tax filings (yes, in Canada we have a few of those)
  • lining up our sport show roster – stay tuned
  • designing next years brochure
  • researching payment options
  • taxes – did I mention that?

But most importantly – we are enjoying our office time flipping through emails and photos and reminiscing about the great season we had in 2014 – thanks to our guests & mother nature.  We are looking forward to hearing from you this winter whether it’s to book another trip or just say HI!

PS – don’t forget to send us your captivating photos to be considered for the 2015 brochure or marketing media.  Submit your entries to info@kabeelo.com or share via facebook – don’t forget those who land on the front cover get a free trip IF:

  • KaBeeLo gear is well displayed – no photoshop
  • Eyes are visible – not covered with sunglasses
  • Person/subject is smiling
  • Captivating backdrop

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“The Harald Experience….”

Some say they come to KaBeeLo for the “Harald Experience” while others ask “what IS the Harald experience?”.  Guests & staff will admit it’s a hard term to define, and one you must just experience, nevertheless we are looking to you – our guests, fans & friends – to help us define the phrase.

Youtube thumbnail 2 Haraldism

In addition, we would like to develop a shortlist of “Haraldisms” to round out the definition. So when you have time, or are feeling rather creative, please send us an email with your definition of “The Harald Experience” and subsequent “Haraldisms”, we will post the most fitting on our webpage & blog.

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As the snow melts and the sunshine persists, this time of year called “spring” marks the influx of some very common questions for Lodge owners/operators:images

“when will the ice go out?”

“what is the ice doing up north”

“will I be able to fish in Canada for Walleye opener?”

Questions to which if we had the answers…we’d likely be sitting in the lap of luxury in the Cayman Islands – and no….that is not the average lifestyle of a fishing lodge owner/manager!

The MN DNR has some great statistics on “ice out”.  As you may have guessed – to date there have been ZERO reports of “ice out” in the state of MN.  Feedback from our Northern colleagues is the ice is honeycombed and poor quality resulting from a healthy insulating layer of snow.  Their outlook is that this winter is trending similar to that of 2013, meaning we could be looking at mid-late May for “ice out” in NW Ontario.  While some may think this seems late, take solace in the fact that the latest ice out on record was close to May 29th in 1950 for NW Ontario….

So until then, we will continue to watch the slow thaw and hope to be heading North sooner than later.

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We have been busy this winter revamping our media “image” & “presence”, and we are excited to announce that we will soon be launching our completely revised & updated website – so far we are due to “go live” ~ the 2nd week of April.

The look and feel will be quite different form the current site, and the information will be expanded, so keep your eyes peeled!

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Some “KaBeelo.com Trivia”

Many of you may be interested in knowing that we use Google Analytics to improve the site visitor experience for our past, present, and future KaBeelo guests. This free program helps us provide you with more relevant and interesting content so that your pre-visit and post-visit KaBeelo experience(s) can be as enjoyable as possible. It helps us see which pages are popular and which are not by telling us how frequently site visitors view a particular page and now long they stay there.

For example we learned that  Continue reading


We are not only about fishing.

At the flyout cabins you get a lot more than huge fish and great food. You get a wildlife extravaganza including loons, bears, raccoons, moose, grouse, beaver, ducks, bald eagles and caribou. So choose a suitable package for your group of friends and family and enjoy the best flyout fishing in Northwest Ontario on one of our beautiful private 13 lakes.

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Excerpts from customer posts about fishing at our lakes.

Here is a random selection of customer posts from last season:

* Total fish; 115 Walleyes, 35 Northern, 1 perch, 2 logs, Biggest 24” Walleye, Biggest 31” Northern

* Fish = Mon 456, Tue 384, Wed 409, Thurs 319, Total 1568

* Gorgeous Day, Caught 94, Pike (1-33”, 2-31”, 2-30”), And 36 Walleye (1-21”, 1-19”)

* Largest fishes: Walleye – 22” x 3, Northern – 30”, Lake Trout – 25”

You can read more about the visits of our customers by visiting the Guest Comments page for each lake listed on the Lakes page.

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Guest Comments on KaBeeLo Lakes

The KaBeeLo Lodge and 12 flyout private lake cabins has been loved by fishing enthusiasts and amateurs alike for over 25 years. Our customers just keep returning as you can see from the NEW “Guest Comments” links that you peruse by clicking on our Lakes pages nav bar to the far right. Click on any icon of a lake and then on the “Guest Comments” button and you can imagine the tons of fun that our visitors had last season.

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Additions to KaBeeLo Resort and kabeelo.com

Friends of KaBeeLo: as you surf our website please note all of the new changes that have been made. Go to the Home Page and “click” on any of the lakes pages; look at pictures, read guest comments or review what is available on the other topics.

Or, go to the navigation bar at the top of the Home Page and “click” on 4 Wheelin’ or the Hunt Packages and see what we have added for 2011. We are working to make this website easy to navigate, informative and packed with current news. THANKS for joining us.

Coming soon: we will be adding a copy of the “menu” of foods that we send out with each of our guests.  In providing this information it is our hope our guests can identify what foods/beverages they can bring to supplement our generous offerings (e.g., snacks, spices, shorelunch mix, etc.).


Share your Experiences!

Share your treasured moments with us; We like to know!

I wanted to invite all our previous customers to share their experiences of their visit to KaBeeLo Lodge. Tell us what you thought and what made your experience so special and memorable. This could be anything like the fish that got away, special place you found in the wilderness, moments with your families etc….There is a special gift waiting for someone with the best story.