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Perfecting the Northern Pike fillet

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Many of our avid anglers are well seasoned when it comes to preparing and filleting their catch. Nevertheless, some of the most common questions & discussions we hear over the years circulate around “how do I get a perfect Northern fillet?”

Producing a “perfect northern fillet” – meaning NO bones – is a genuine challenge for all, and one that we have taken to heart. So in an effort to help our guests, families and friends master the Northern fillet, we have produced a quick video tutorial on how to tackle that Y-bone! Enjoy – and GOOD LUCK!


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Well launch day has arrived – albeit sooner than expected – the new KaBeeLo Lodge website is live and running!

Please take the time to reacquaint yourself with the outpost pages and KaBeeLo offerings, or explore new features like our supplied food list, helpful hints and satellite maps.Image Continue reading

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As the snow melts and the sunshine persists, this time of year called “spring” marks the influx of some very common questions for Lodge owners/operators:images

“when will the ice go out?”

“what is the ice doing up north”

“will I be able to fish in Canada for Walleye opener?”

Questions to which if we had the answers…we’d likely be sitting in the lap of luxury in the Cayman Islands – and no….that is not the average lifestyle of a fishing lodge owner/manager!

The MN DNR has some great statistics on “ice out”.  As you may have guessed – to date there have been ZERO reports of “ice out” in the state of MN.  Feedback from our Northern colleagues is the ice is honeycombed and poor quality resulting from a healthy insulating layer of snow.  Their outlook is that this winter is trending similar to that of 2013, meaning we could be looking at mid-late May for “ice out” in NW Ontario.  While some may think this seems late, take solace in the fact that the latest ice out on record was close to May 29th in 1950 for NW Ontario….

So until then, we will continue to watch the slow thaw and hope to be heading North sooner than later.

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We have been busy this winter revamping our media “image” & “presence”, and we are excited to announce that we will soon be launching our completely revised & updated website – so far we are due to “go live” ~ the 2nd week of April.

The look and feel will be quite different form the current site, and the information will be expanded, so keep your eyes peeled!

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Well it’s hard to believe spring is just around the corner – or so they say – but the show must go on…..quite literally….you can find us this weekend at the Minneapolis boat show at the convention center.  Harald & Erik will be the primary “features” of the booth, with cameo appearances by Ann, myself (Allysson) and the 3 kids. 

We are all looking forward to seeing the faces of our many guests and prospective new guests!


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Some “KaBeelo.com Trivia”

Many of you may be interested in knowing that we use Google Analytics to improve the site visitor experience for our past, present, and future KaBeelo guests. This free program helps us provide you with more relevant and interesting content so that your pre-visit and post-visit KaBeelo experience(s) can be as enjoyable as possible. It helps us see which pages are popular and which are not by telling us how frequently site visitors view a particular page and now long they stay there.

For example we learned that  Continue reading