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The ice is (finally) long gone and summer is in full swing at KaBeeLo Lodge. Due to the late ice-out, initial fishing reports were “conditions were challenging”, yet within only a few days the reports changed to

“the best fishing in the 16 years we’ve been visiting KaBeeLo Lodge”

By “best” our guests mean high numbers and lots of keepers, while the “monster biggens” have been photographed and released in recognition of species conservation. See the image from Matt Payne, of a 28″ walleye caught on Dead Dog.

Caught on Dead Dog Lake - Payne party

28″ Walleye Caught on Dead Dog Lake – Payne party

Winning bait so far has been lead headed jigs, Mr. Twister tails and live bait – minnows or leeches.

Now onto the less predictable elements of this glorious God’s Country – the weather. Once the ice retreated, the weather was warm sunny and clear skies, a blessing for opening the outposts in time for our arriving guests. Of course all good things come to an end and we’ve since been graced with cooler (mid 60’s) breezy, overcast and periods of rain. The silver lining being that these elements promote great fishing.

Safe travels to all those travelling this summer – and stay tuned for updates throughout the season !


Perfecting the Northern Pike fillet

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Many of our avid anglers are well seasoned when it comes to preparing and filleting their catch. Nevertheless, some of the most common questions & discussions we hear over the years circulate around “how do I get a perfect Northern fillet?”

Producing a “perfect northern fillet” – meaning NO bones – is a genuine challenge for all, and one that we have taken to heart. So in an effort to help our guests, families and friends master the Northern fillet, we have produced a quick video tutorial on how to tackle that Y-bone! Enjoy – and GOOD LUCK!