KaBeeLo Lodge

Insight to Canada's Premier Fly-Out Fishing Experiences


How do I get to KaBeeLo Lodge?

KaBeeLo Lodge is located about 5 hours north of International Falls, Minnesota.  The recommended route of travel is:

  • cross the Canadian border at International Falls/Fort Frances and proceed EAST on Hwy 11 for approximately 20 miles
  • go NORTH on Hwy 502 to Dryden
  • go WEST on Hwy 17 to Vermillion Bay
  • go NORTH on Hwy 105 to Ear Falls
  • go EAST on Hwy 657 (Gold Pines Road) and turn left on Wenasaga Road for ½ mile
  • turn left on South Bay Road and FOLLOW THE POWER LINES TO KABEELO. It is approximately 36 miles (57 kilometers) to KaBeeLo.

What should I DEFINITELY bring on my trip?

  • Photo ID & proof of citizenship
  • Passport for adults and birth certificate for those children 15 and under
  • [NOTE: Children traveling with adults need a “letter of permission” to travel]
  • Life jacket
  • Sleeping bag/bed roll
  • Fishing license (purchase before arriving at the lodge)
  • Personal gear (e.g., clothing, towel, wash cloth, rain gear, etc.)
  • Fish rod (medium action)/reel (spinning or casting)/line (8-12 lb)/tackle/Minnow Buckets/leech lockers/depth finder

What other things should I consider bringing?

Fresh fruit/fresh vegetables/snack foods/lemon juice/tartar sauce

zip-loc bags/aluminum foil/flashlight/sun glasses/ camera/chap stick

sunscreen/cap/compass/mosquito repellent/beverages such as pop/beer/bottled water)/night crawlers in artificial bedding/tobacco products

Do you sell fishing licenses?

NO!  License and outdoor cards need to be purchased in advance of arriving at KaBeeLo Lodge.  Please visit www.on.wildlifelicense.com.

What are the types of licenses?

There are four types of non-resident fishing licenses: 8 day “regular” (4 walleye/4 northern pike limit); 8 day conservation (2 walleye/2 northern pike limit); seasonal “regular” (4 walleye/4 northern pike limit); seasonal conservation (2 walleye/2 northern pike limit). Call for current prices.

Do you sell live bait?

YES, we sell minnows and leeches (order ahead of time). We do NOT sell night crawlers because they can be transported across the border in artificial soil.

We also have a limited supply of artificial baits and fishing accessories. Call for current prices.

What are my personal weight restrictions for the floatplane?

Each person is allowed 40 lbs. of personal gear + 1 case of beverages!

Excess gear will be left behind or flown out at additional cost.

What can I NOT bring into Canada?

Handguns, radar detectors, potatoes, live bait (NO MINNOWS & NO LEECHES), dog food, firewood

What is my trip balance and what can I use to pay the balance?

Call for an itemized billing of your trip. Payment may be made by cash, traveller’s checks, cashier’s check or money order [PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept credit cards or personal checks]

Do I need a passport to get into Canada?

NO. However, if you are traveling by commercial means (air, train, bus, boat) you will need a passport to re-enter the USA.

Do you have meals and lodging at the Main Base?

Our “early arrival” package includes: supper, overnight accommodations & breakfast

How many lakes do you fly to? How many cabins on each lake?

We operate on 13 different remote lakes (3 not open for overnights) and the one cabin on each lake. On five lakes (Okanse, Jeanette, Jubilee, Seagraves, Carillion) there is another outfitter. In addition we operate on Confederation Lake (location of our Main Base)

What are the weather and temperatures like during the season?

Mid-May through mid-June the weather is variable with temperatures in the mid 60’s during the day and low 40’s at night. Late June through August the weather is stable with daytime temperatures in the mid 70’s and mid-50’s at night. In September the days are generally sunny and dry with daytime temperatures in the high 40’s/low 50’s with the night time temperatures around freezing (burrrr).

Who should my family get in touch with in case of an emergency?

Our 1-800-233-2952 number works in the USA and Canada. Or, at the lodge you can call 807-222-3246 while in the USA you can call 952-447-2952.


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